Flash Pasteurization & Filling Line Sanitizing Systems

"Misinformation about pasteurization remains widespread more than 80 years after demonstration of its effectiveness" and more than 50 years after the publication of a comprehensive review concluding that pasteurization inactivates disease causing microbes without adverse effects on health or nutrition.

Those who criticize pasteurization can be persuasive to unsuspecting consumers, in particular when they invoke scientific studies. One can always find a study to defend a position, but responsible scientists and health professionals don't pick and choose studies for this purpose. Rather, they strive for objectivity, considering only quality evidence - and only in its entirety."

Excerpt from:
What Comes Naturally:
Contaminated Apple Juice and Opposition to Pasteurization
Volume 8 Number 4 1996
By Dr. William M. London, EdD, M.P.H., Director of Public Health of the American Council on Science and Health.


IDD's "PurePass" Flash Pasteurization (FP) for PET & glass bottling, canning or kegging of all beverages are now possible with our filling line sanitary systems upgrades. Fully automatic, stainless steel skid mounted systems offer accurate PU control and 92% energy efficiency.

Outputs range from 5 to 1,000 liters per minute.

System Features:

  • IDD's "steady state" flow, temperature & pressure control.
  • Consistently close temperature control to + or - 0.5 P.U.
  • 3 or 4 stage PHE with solid S.S. frame & holding tube.
  • Fully auto valves with feed back loops.
  • Optional 2nd stage regeneration product boost pump.
  • Automatic water flush, NO recirculating or dumping of product.
  • Complete with CIP and SIP system for FP & filler.
  • NEMA4(IP65), UL/CUL certified control panel suite.
  • Sterile Product Tank (SPT) & product pump to supply filler.
  • Allen Bradley PLC with optional modem support link.

Shown left: A bottling line flash pasteurization system with Sterile Product Tank (SPT) and Cleaning in Place & Sterilizing Tank (CIP/SIP) combination.

Shown left: A carbonated product "PurePass" Flash Pasteurization system and bottling line utilizing Oxine sanitizing for PET bottles.

Shown left: A high volume "PurePass" system developed specifically for "Spring Water" processing and packaging. The system does NOT convert "Bromides" to "Bromates" as does Ozonation.

Shown left: A 230 Hl/Hr. (100 GPM) Juice "PurePass" Flash Pasteurization System with dedicated CIP/SIP & Sterile Product Tank.

Shown left: The smallest in the range of our fully automatic flash pasteurization systems with CIP/Sterile Liquor and Sterile Product Tanks. The photograph is of a system that handles carbonated products in the 5 to 12.5 Hl/Hr. range. A similar and slightly larger system handles 12.5 to 25 Hl/Hr. Each of our systems will operate at up to 40% higher throughput with non carbonated products.

Shown left: A truly affordable flash pasteurization system that we GUARANTEE to perform just like our "state of the art" systems. At 5 to 30 liter per minute output, it is the lowest priced automatic system on the market. 92% operating efficiency and a footprint of only 33" (840mm) x 51" (1300mm). The Micro Brewer or Juice Processor can pasteurize carbonated or non-carbonated products for PET and glass bottles, cans, kegs or jugs.

Shown left: A typical skid mounted fully automated flash pasteurization system with CIP/SIP and sterile product tanks. These systems are used for carbonated and non-carbonated products and form a part of our sanitary filling systems for water, juice, beer, tea, etc. into cans, PET and glass bottles. Size and output is rated to suit the filling line in the range of 500 to 60,000 liters per hour.

IDD Flash Pasteurizer Data Sheet

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