Deaeration, Blending & Carbonation System                  

IDD's water deaeration, blending and carbonation (DBC) systems, are designed and manufactured to suit syrup, juice and beer blending and carbonation. The DBC's are S.S. skid mounted and range in output from 50 to 750 Hl/Hr. Each module will consistently de-aerate water to <0.01ppm, blend to within 0.01% repeatability and carbonate the product (with the "CARBOMAT" in line analyzer and controller) up to 10g/l (5v/v).

  • UV water sterilizer.
  • IDD's original and highly effective vacuum spray tanks.
  • CO2 or N2 sparging system.
  • O2, CO2, Brix and O.G. monitoring, control and alarms.
  • Vacuum, temp., flow and pressure monitoring and alarms.
  • Vacuum, recirculation and discharge pump interface alarms.
  • IDD "closed loop" and "blend balance" PLC control software.
  • Customer choice of PLC with modem support link.
  • PHE or "tube in tube" chiller for water and/or product.
  • IDD in-line carbonator.
  • 10 meter long product stabilizing hold tube.
  • Optional process tanks.
  • Proportional flow control valves.
  • S.S. NEMA4 (IP65), UL/CUL certified control panel suite.

A fully automatic in-line carbonation system for high volume carbonation of products. The system is complete with carbonator, CO2 infusion tube, finished product holding tank with transfer pump, color touch screen control panel and "Carbomat" monitoring and control system.

A fully automatic batching and blending system for juices, isotonics, teas, mineral drinks, etc.


Competitively priced for today's market with IDD's on-going field support and service.