Single and Multi-Lane “Super King” and “Emperor” Kegging Systems


The Super King series washing, sterilizing and filling machines, range from 3 to 6 process heads with additional soak and sterilizing stations available to meet customer requirements.  An ideal system for 40 to 75 kegs per hour output per lane. Multiple Super King systems can be integrated to provide a total system output of up to 300 kegs per hour.

IDD Super King systems are available with gravity roller and powered feed and discharge conveyors, external washer, 180 degree keg turner, check weighing, de-capper, capper, and palletizer systems.

Data Sheet: IDD Automatic Keg Washing, Sterilizing and Filling System for Sankey - Single Valve Kegs (SVK's)



        • Single lane units with 3 to 6 process heads
        • Product metering system
        • Color touch screen operator interface control
        • Low loss (<75ml), sterile heads for aseptic filling
        • Walking/slide beam keg transfer
        • Allen Bradley PLC with modem support
        • Infra red and fiber optic monitoring systems
        • Integral or separate caustic/acid/hot water energy sets
        • Sanitizer and/or steam sterilizing sequences
        • Variable keg fill and counter-pressure control
        • Outputs ranging from 40 to 75 kegs per hour per lane
        • UL/CUL certified electrical systems