“Squire” Series

"We have been using the Squire "Plus 2" we bought from you in 2011 for 2 years with great results, and are considering adding another one as we increase production."

Ryan Petz

President & Co-Founder

Fulton Beer


"..Over the years I have used several different models of the IDD keg machines.  I have found them all to achieve the values of cleaning & filling which IDD has designed into them.  They are basic, easy to operate, sturdy and have very few problems.  Company support is always good, you can almost always get a hold of Jeff and he is full of good advice…"

Peter M McFarlane

Brewmaster / VP Production

Pedernales Brewing Company



The Squire "Extra" is our smallest semi-automated washing, sanitizing and filling process machine for processing up to 25 kegs per hour and is designed for the Brewpub, Cidery, Winery or small Microbrewery operator. The Squire "Extra" directly doses caustic and sanitizer into the Sankey keg by utilizing the hot and cold water supplies available in the brewery.

Squire "Extra" (SQE) Data Sheet


The SQPW is for those who want to wash, sanitize, purge and counter-pressurize their "Sankey" style kegs with CO2/N2 for storage and alternative filling methods.

Squire "Plus Washer" (SQPW) Data Sheet


The Squire "Plus 2" (SQP2) is the standard by which all other semi-automatic systems are measured within the world’s beverage industries. With more than 400 of these systems installed worldwide in Brewpubs, Micro-Breweries, Cideries and Wineries, they are the ideal system for 25 to 30 kegs output per hour.

The Squire "Plus 2" replaced the original "Mini King" as an affordable, keg washing, sterilizing and filling system for "Sankey" style kegs at more than 25 kegs per hour. The Squire "Plus 2" includes a full high and low flow, pulsed washing sequence with Oxine sterilizing and an optional fully controlled counter pressure fill by weight feature.

Squire "Plus 2" (SQP2) Data Sheet