“Gravfil” & Weighing Systems             

In-line keg weighing systems are used to verify a metered keg fill (by volume), and to comply with fill by weight legislation in many jurisdictions world-wide. Units are complete with load cells, in motion or static weigh heads and reject pusher and conveyor to expell underweight kegs from the keg line.

"GRAVFILL" is IDD's unique fill by weight system developed for the accurate filling of kegs at the filling head. All kegs are tare weighed immediately prior to the fill commencing and resulting in fill accuracies to within 0.02%. "GRAVFILL" guarantees accurate and verifiable fills to common capacity kegs of varying tare weights at the time of filling and saves precious product being given away. Please refer to our "Technical Bulletins" page and the "GRAVFILL" fill by weight section of this web site for detailed information.