External Keg & Parts Washers

External keg and parts washers using high pressure jetting and/or rotating brushes with 3% caustic at 70C from a recovery tank, come complete with steam coil or immersion heating, tray and/or cartridge type filters, caustic and/or rinse pump(s), pH monitoring and dosing sytem, pneumatically operated doors and vapor traps to prevent overspray and caustic fumes. Systems are also available with recovered pre-rinse and post-rinse water sections.

External keg and parts washers range in output from 20 to 500 units per hour.

Drying and warming systems are in aluminum or stainless steel frames with stainless steel wire belting for maximum support of the parts and exposure to air flow. Units can handle bottles, cans and various shaped parts that require drying or warming prior to subsequent application processes. Throughput ranges from 1 to 1,000 parts per minute.