High Efficiency Brewing System (HEBS)

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The HEBS is another innovation from IDD. Serving the brewing industry for many years and watching craft brewers spend long days getting two brews out of their 2-vessel systems, we knew there was a better way. Macro brewers have had access to this technology for nearly 45 years, and now it’s available through IDD as the HEBS utilizing, at its core, a specially designed mash filter to improve efficiency and brewing material options. Serious craft brewers can achieve up to 12 brews in 24 hours with higher extracts and lower water and raw material usage.

Call us if you have questions about a new, more efficient HEBS Brewhouse or if you want to see about upgrading your existing Brewhouse to a HEBS.

HEBS "Automation" Flyer

HEBS "Comparison" Flyer

HEBS Presentation

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Above video: Kettle- Internal Calandria Boil

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Above video: Mashing in via Grist Hydrator

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Above video: Mash Filter Spent Grain Discharge

HEBS is running like a watch . We're doing only double and triple batches now. Beers are turning out GREAT!!


Greg McCarthy - Chief Justice

Legal Draft Beer


More than thrilled at the outcome with the 20 Hl HEBS. We are getting what we expected in gravity and time efficiency. The unexpected part is the ease of using the system.

We bought the system to allow us to vary the volumes of the different beers to meet sales demands. We easily achieve that and my boys like the fact they can do 3 HG batches in 9.5 hour day with 1.5 brewers. The 0.5 brewer is just to help out with some of the milling and clean up bits and pieces.

If I had a standard lauter tun we would be another 2 full time head count or on a 50 Hl system, neither of which makes business sense for us right now.

Scotty Morgan - Head Brewer

Rocks Brewing Company, NSW, Australia


"Jeff, we were awarded the commercial water saver award of merit for efficient water usage. Something to post on your site because the award was based on the HEBS capabilities."


Chris Anderson

Coachella Valley Brewing Company


"I have just returned with my two other partners from brewing with Chris at Coachella Valley Brewing Company on his 20 HL HEBS. "Amazing creation" does not do it justice to what your team has invented and brought to the industry. The HEBS system is absolutely a game changer. It is our goal. We are developing our business plan and model and came to a unanimous decision; this system needs to be the foundation of our brewery."

Very respectfully,

David Duffield

Brewery in Planning


"I have worked exclusively on standard 2 and 3 vessel brewery systems and know how slow they run and how fast the IDD-HEBS runs. There is also brew efficiency to consider, which ranges from low 70’s to low 80’s percent on a standard system. Coachella Valley Brewing Company consistently hit 95% with 1200 pound of malt. That grist charge would have been lucky to make it past the 70’s on a standard system.

There is also a ‘mean time between brews’ to consider; that is when you can put in the next batch if you are doing more than one batch a day.  A 2 vessel system is approximately 490 minutes, a 3 vessel approximately 265 minutes and on HEBS a conservative number is one third that time. Start multiplying those numbers by the cost of wages over 200 to 300 batches and the information is nothing but compelling".

Scotty Morgan

Head Brewer, Rocks Brewing Co.


“In addition to your HEBS efficiency claims, we are able to reduce our bittering hops needs by as much a 7% due to the high efficiency boil on your HEBS kettle while still maintaining our recipe flavors and aromas. We also confirm that we consistently obtain fast conversions and 90% to 98% extract from the mash mixer and mash filter.”

Chris Anderson, COO/BrewMaster

Coachella Valley Brewing Company 



"IDD recently upgraded our malt mill hopper and it works brilliantly, the same with a redesigned grist hydrator. Jeff and IDD have been really good about upgrading as needed whenever Jef Gunn found any improvement was needed for the HEBS design and or functionality.

We have brewed just over 2000 barrels in our first year of production using the HEBS. We hope to triple that productio in 2015. We are thankful to be seeing signficant returns on our HEBS investment in lessesned water usage, hop and malt costs as well as lowered utility bills relative to the shorter brewdays and the labor saving. Of course these are of great importance for a startup hoping to quickly get to a level of profitability."

Thanks IDD,


Chief Operating Officer/ Head Brewer

Coachella Valley Brewing Company