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IDD Process and Packaging, Inc. is a leading supplier of Sankey keg cleaning, sanitizing & filling, flash pasteurizer, bottling, brew house and other custom process and packaging systems to the world’s brewing, wine making and other beverage industries with designing, manufacturing and distributing IDD equipment and systems from our UK factory and our headquarters facility in Moorpark, California.

  • Sankey Keg Washing, Sanitizing/ Sterilizing and Filling Systems (Semi-Automatic and Automatic)
  • "PurePass" Flash Pasteurization and HTST Systems
  • "PurePass" filling line sanitizing systems
  • Deaeration, Blending and Carbonation Systems
  • Brewpub and Micro-Brewery HEBS (High Efficiency Brewing Systems)
  • Cleaning In Place (CIP) Systems
  • Yeast Storage and Propagation Systems


  • Project Management
  • Design Scope & Engineering
  • Engineering Audits
  • Equipment Appraisels

IDD utilizes Bio-Cide International, Inc. - "Oxine" Sanitizer on all of its equipment. Oxine can be ordered through IDD.

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